Radiant wholeness and healing through Hypnosis
Quiet The Mind And The Soul Will Speak.

What is Metaphysical?

Metaphysical simply means that which is beyond the physical. It can relate to those things that we can feel deeply but cannot necessarily be measured, like love. Often felt or experienced as mysterious, that which is metaphysical can feel quite magical in its personal effect on us. To embrace the metaphysical in regards to a healing journey is to embrace the truest part of yourself that will always lead you to your highest good. 

Past Life Regression 

Have you ever experienced a sensation that felt beyond déjà vu? Ever visited a place and had a profoundly visceral response? Felt a nagging suspicion that something you’re struggling with might not be rooted in this lifetime? Wondered if the connection you feel to a special someone goes beyond this incarnation?

Through Past Life Regression Therapy we can gain clarity regarding these questions and so much more. In a safe and comfortable environment, I can assist you on your journey of discovery into who you were before and how everything ties together. Hypnosis for Past Life Regression is a beautiful process into deeper knowing. 

Kemetic Reiki 

All of the sacred sciences, medicine, mathematics and astrology originated, were practiced and mastered in ancient Egypt (originally named Kemet prior to the invasion of the Greeks). Pictorial evidence of energy healing have stood the test of time and can be seen today on the walls of the pyramids. Healing rites using crystals, sound therapy and the elements were used to bring balance (Maat) and alignment to the mind, body and spirit. This was and is, holistic healing. 

Through my training with the elders of Ra Sekhi Healing Arts Temple, I have become attuned to assist in balancing your energy field. I work with the same elements and tools as the ancients to harness Sekhem (universal life force) to harmonize your chakras and repair damage in the auric field. If you’ve explored more traditional modalities with no avail for the following issues...

  • Lack of motivation or direction
  • Spiritual, mental or emotional blocks
  • Low energy or lack of drive
  • Going in circles or just feeling stuck
  • Not feeling grounded

...you may benefit the deep alignment Kemetic Energy Healing can offer. 

Metaphysical & Archetypal Therapeutic Imagery

Imagery is the language of the subconscious mind. Metaphysical is simply that which is beyond the physical. The archetypes in their purest forms are elemental in nature and are the building blocks of ourselves as human creatures and of our universe in its infinite majesty. 

Metaphysical and Archetypal Therapeutic Imagery are the keys to unlock the most transformational and life changing gateways to one’s highest purpose. These tools are profound facilitators to deep healing, insight, release, empowerment and lasting mental, spiritual and emotional change. 

Cord Cutting

Does a relationship that’s “over” still have a haunting impact on you? Do you feel that a past relationship is somehow getting in the way of a current one? Do you find yourself recreating a pattern in your romantic encounters that you hope to break? Ever feel like you are just ready to “get over” that certain someone fully?

You have the power to release toxic, unhealthy or draining connections. Because we are all energy and have a profound impact on one another’s vibration (especially when deeply connected and/or intimately paired) it is very important to be free of any residual connections that are not serving your highest good. Through the Energetic Cord Cutting process you can lovingly reclaim your power and restore your vibrational autonomy. This experience makes for a wonderful foundation to exploring your highest self, free of past entanglements and rejuvenated for the future. 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique, commonly referred to as EFT or “tapping”, is a form of psychological accupressure. By tapping on our natural energy meridians while holding attention to a specific issue we are able to “dissolve” the charge it holds and break through emotional blocks. Many people have found this kinetic method of self care highly beneficial for addressing stress, cravings, addictions, pain, trauma, emotional upset and much more. This is a beautiful process that I incorporate into my hypnotherapy, therapeutic imagery and energy healing sessions at no charge. I welcome the opportunity to share this highly impactful tool with my clients because it can be done anywhere and at anytime. 

EFT Tapping for Veterans: Emotional Freedom Technique has been used to help US Veterans effectively deal with PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Reincarnation Proof: There have been many recorded cases of children having specific and vivid memories of other people's lives. The video below is a fascinating account of a boy remembering a past life as a black woman.