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Private Sessions: Hypnotherapy & Guided Imagery

In a private session with Stephanie you will experience a safe place to express your concerns, intentions and goals. She will work with your objectives to create a customized hypnotherapy and/or guided imagery experience that will instantly relieve stress, bring about calm and target your purpose. Clients report feeling a "shift" after the first session. Please contact for pricing.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking is a habit that can be unlearned for life through hypnotherapy. Stephanie’s specialized approach is different than most other methods because you not only release cigarettes and your connection to them, you return to the mental space of a nonsmoker. People who have never smoked cigarettes or vapes don’t crave them and neither will you after you go through the individualized smoking cessation plan Stephanie prepares for you during your first session. Are you ready to be free?

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy sessions are a speciality of Stephanie's due the impactful nature this type of healing has had on her personally as well as her clients. This specific hypnotic modality allows for access to greater understanding mentally, spiritually and emotionally. These sessions are two hours long and allow for great depth and relaxation as a gateway to this healing process. Please contact for pricing. 

Group Sessions: Guided Imagery & Mediation

Stephanie loves the gift of working with groups to harness the positivity found in like-minded circles. Her guided imagery and meditation experiences are designed to reach all individuals so that everyone receives in the process of participating. These journeys are deeply relaxing and aimed at raising the vibration for all so that transformation, healing and clearing may occur. Please contact for pricing. 

Workshops, Classes & Events

Stephanie is available for workshops, classes and events where her knowledge, training, wisdom and empathy are sought. She can design a class, workshop or event tailored to the needs of your organization, your client base or for a specific occasion. She is an enthusiastic public speaker who adds a memorable touch to her presentations with a blend of humor, honesty and a wealth of information. Please contact for pricing. 


Package Discounts Available.