“I am already experiencing a shift in my mental state.”

“Thank you Stephanie for the excellent session. I love to explore avenues that create access to freedom - and I'm so glad I came to see you. You are easy to talk to and obviously a natural healer. I was so relaxed and I am already experiencing a shift in my mental state.”

— Carole K., San Francisco, California

“I felt listened to and supported.”

“Stephanie, you created a professional and safe environment where I felt listened to and supported.  Regardless of the situation, you're always able to prepare a beautiful message and deliver it in a clear and soothing voice that resonates with me.  Thank you.  Wish you the best!” 

— Rosa L., Los Angeles, California


"Stephanie is a truly skilled hypnotherapist. She listens to what your goals or conflicts are and is detailed enough to write them down, and keep continuous notes."

Kate W., Venice, California


“Truly skilled at what she does.”

“Stephanie is truly skilled at what she does. She listens with kindness and love in her heart and helped me with an allergic reaction I've had that rooted back to a traumatic time. She has a voice that easily puts you in deep hypnosis and clarified all my questions with ease. You will find yourself in great hands with Stephanie!”

— Sussy C., Burbank, California

“After I felt so much clarity and awareness.”

“I had never experienced Hypnotherapy before doing two sessions with Stephanie. One of them being Past Life Regression. I honestly didn’t know what to expect but from the very beginning Stephanie made me feel very comfortable with the whole process as she truly knows her stuff. I was able to get to the root of specific blocks I wanted to work on and during PSL things came up for me that I wasn’t expecting but knew it was time to face these memories. Stephanie's guidance and the safe space she creates allowed me to go deep! After I felt so much clarity and awareness. I highly recommend her if you’ve tried or if it’s your first time to Hypnotherapy. She is truly passionate about this work and helping others. Thank you Stephanie!"

— Sandra S., Sherman Oaks, California

Stephanie was born to do this! She is living her true purpose and helping others do the same. She is brilliant and has a beautiful soul. I highly recommend her for anyone who truly wants transformation.
— Stephanie J., Temecula, California

“I know I will continue to grow and heal because of my time spent working with her.”

“Stephanie is a beautiful, gifted, and present person. I was instantly comfortable with her as she is genuine, positive and intuitive. The hypnosis modality was new to me and the process was very illuminating! I feel so grateful to have found Transcendence Hypnotherapy. The work was appropriately deep and I felt safe and relaxed. I learned both from Stephanie and the knowledge she carries as well as the guidance she gave me in the sessions. I carry these experiences with me and I know I will continue to grow and heal because of my time spent working with her.”

— Jane G., Burbank, California

“This is a much faster method.”

"I had around 7 sessions with her, and had marked improvements in my confidence levels, and less "panicking." We also focused on my assertive skills with others, which has helped immensely too. I have to be more assertive due to my medical issue which requires time, a very special diet, and rest. I entered deep hypnosis most of the times. Her personality and voice definitely puts me at ease! I feel like if I went to a traditional therapist, I would have improved in years, but this is a much faster method.”

— Kate W., Venice, California

This was my first experience with Transcendence Hypnotherapy, specifically over the phone. We were able to communicate and I was actually able to see what was being said; this experience beats any Reiki session I have had, and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to search deeper in themselves.
— Celeste D., Springfield, Illinois

"Looking forward to a new chapter in life because of you."

“I have known Stephanie for more than 20 years, such an amazing soul she has, and such a bright light of positive energy! Love you Stephanie! I can’t wait to see you and am looking forward to a new chapter in life because of you! So appreciated, more than you will ever know!”

— Stephanie K., Ventura, California



"It has changed my life!"

“My experience as a client for a Past Life Regression hypnotherapy session was awe-inspiring! Stephanie Wright's caring and professional manner helped to ease my apprehension as I was introduced to the world of hypnotherapy. In my session, I discovered that a debilitating medical condition I suffered through for over 15 years was related to a past life incident. Thanks to Stephanie, I was able to free myself from its hold by releasing the trauma that was carried over through my subconscious into this lifetime. I would recommend Past Life Regression to anyone who is curious about past lives or needs to release unexplained trauma that traditional medicine hasn't effectively cured. It has changed my life!”

— Mimi S., Pasadena, California