The Gifts of Trauma

Have you suffered from trauma or adversity in your life?

Did you feel that you were changed after this experience?

Are you currently dealing with the effects of a past event that you cannot seem to shake?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might find Stephanie's presentation to the American Hypnosis Association on The Gifts Of Trauma to be quite insightful. In this talk she covers how trauma affects the brain and body and gives tips on not only how to recover from hardships but how to actually turn these experiences into greater strength and a deeper sense of intuition. Post Traumatic Growth is experienced in approximately 90% of people who have suffered a shock to their life story. Stephanie's work with her trauma clients is geared towards fortifying the individual and assisting them in reclaiming the power, direction and life purpose they might have temporarily lost.

Trauma can include: Narcissistic abuse, domestic violence, inner child trauma, sexual abuse, rape, mental health, miscarriage, and divorce.

Trauma can result in: Codependency, anxiety, fear, phobia, trauma, ptsd, post traumatic stress disorder, insomnia, hypervigilance, anger, denial, shame, guilt, sadness, grief, gratitude, nightmares, relationship issues, lack of emotional intelligence, disassociation, nail biting, chronic pain, immune disorders, depression, addiction, post traumatic growth, ptg, survivors guilt, and negative self-talk.

Trauma can be helped with: EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, Therapeutic Imagery, Guided Meditation, Tapping, spiritual transformation, life purpose, empaths, blocks, protection, grounded, grounding techniques, hypnotic anchors, trauma recovery hypnosis, hypnotic therapy, hypnotherapy, certified hypnotherapist, pain management, treatment, subconscious, empowerment, personal power, and alternative mental health practicitioners.

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